Here’s an interesting new word to add to your youth-development lexicon: gamification. Gamification means to apply the principles of games—specifically video games—to real-life situations and problems. more »

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Mobile-Friendly Doesn’t Cut It

You’ve probably heard that a website needs to be mobile-friendly. A few years ago, that was true. But now, because many more websites are mobile-friendly—including some or all of your competitors—a website now needs to be mobile-competitive. more »

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Cast A Wider Net

As the childcare and camp director of a private school in Wilmington, Del., I am always looking for ways to attract more families. Five years ago the school opened up before- and after-school care programs o local public school students. more »

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Eliminating The Off-Season

After a fun-filled but exhausting summer, it’s pleasant to hear the sounds of nature again without the happy din of a full camp. But soon it can feel too quiet, and you’re ready to fill the cabins again. more »

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Get Your Game Face On

“Good afternoon, everyone! On my cue, your camp supervisors are going to start wrapping each other in toilet paper for 10 points and control of the game. On your mark, get set, go!” more »

Technology + Marketing

Praising Criticism

“If you want something sugar-coated, go eat a doughnut.” Ah, the wisdom of a T-shirt. Yet this little joke deftly captures the “Don’t ask me if you don’t want the truth” approach to management, an approach more youth leaders should embrace. more »


“Speak”-ing From Experience

The legacy system (analog) wasn’t effective anymore. We wanted better control with zones, as well as indoor speakers in each cabin and meeting spaces for scheduled announcements, but the speakers were mounted on tall poles with poor sound quality. more »

Facilities + Grounds

Secrets of the YBees

With yellow hats bent against the glare, we examined the work of another four-day weekend of the fanatical camp volunteers known as YBees. For 28 years, we have shown up at our beloved Camp Wakonda to celebrate Labor Day by laboring. more »

Facilities + Grounds


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