First Impressions

In the movie Jerry McGuire, Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character Rod Tidwell wants Jerry to show him the money! When new families visit a camp website, they want to see the photos! more »

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Photos: Lisa D. McCutcheon

Don’t Let Allergies Be An Obstacle

As food allergies continue to be a public-health concern, it is ever more likely that camps will be asked to accommodate children with serious food allergies. more »

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Not A Math Person

“I’m not a math person,” however, is a patent falsehood. We are all math people, as it turns out. more »

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Photos: Camp Shane

Healthy For Life

In looking at the general population, one may presume that one-third of campers and their parents visiting a camp will be overweight. Summer camps then have a real opportunity to set a good example. more »

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Digital Marketing

Do you ever wonder whether a website is effective at communicating the value of your camp? The answers can be found. more »

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Freshen Up A “Meet The Director” Page

In years of interviewing campers’ parents, I’ve learned that it is very important to have a “Meet Our Director” page on a website. more »

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Photo: Camp Young Judaea-Texas

“Speak”-ing From Experience

The legacy system (analog) wasn’t effective anymore. We wanted better control with zones, as well as indoor speakers in each cabin and meeting spaces for scheduled announcements, but the speakers were mounted on tall poles with poor sound quality. more »

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Photos: Dan Chiles

Secrets of the YBees

With yellow hats bent against the glare, we examined the work of another four-day weekend of the fanatical camp volunteers known as YBees. For 28 years, we have shown up at our beloved Camp Wakonda to celebrate Labor Day by laboring. more »

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Photos: Jacqui Solomon Camp Marimeta for Girls, IL

Lifeguard Training: 101

By reviewing and evaluating the plan for addressing these issues, you will be on your way to employing lifeguards who not only understand their responsibilities but are competent and confident enough to perform them! more »


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Double-Duty While Dining

There is something about a shared community experience of breaking bread with a group of people that builds a distinct type of unity. As a result, meal times can be a great opportunity to continue all the fun that summer camp has to offer. more »

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One For The Road

In addition to teaching, I also learn a lot myself during my travels to different camps and summer schools just by listening. more »


Photos Courtesy of Melissa Weinberger

Remaining Relevant

The young people have hundreds if not thousands of Facebook and Twitter “friends,” but often few real connections. more »

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Spend Wisely

We know it’s a financial commitment to make the leap to a camp-management software solution. With several providers on the market, how do you know which one is most practical for your camp? more »

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Photo Courtesy of Central Ohio Diabetes Association

A Camper With Diabetes…

In 1964, five central-Ohio physicians collaborated in educating the community due to the increasing number of diabetic patients in their care. The doctors created the Central Ohio Diabetes Association, a nonprofit agency that continues to offer educa more »

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The Quest to Provide “Healthy” Food

In the summer of 2013, staff members of Kanakuk Kamps in Branson, Mo., were confronted with a challenge—the frequency of requests for food that was gluten-free was leading to chaos in the dining hall. A menu traditionally skewed toward calories, carb more »

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