From Monday, April 4th through Sunday, May 15th, 52 employees at Tomlinson Industries took part in the 6-week Step to IT! step challenge. Each participant was given a pedometer to track their daily steps throughout the competition. more »


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Curious children ask “why”—especially after adults set limits. “Why can’t I stay up later?” “Why do I have to eat my vegetables?” “Why do I have to brush my teeth?” These are daily queries in most households with children. more »

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You could win a playground from BCI Burke valued at $28,000. Want to up the odds? Send us a video what you would do with the grand prize and you'll get five more entries to win. more »

Camp Oty’Okwa is the recipient of the 2015 ACA, Ohio Grant for its program “Incorporating Literacy at Camp.” Please go the ACA, Ohio Grants webpage for a full description of the grant. more »


Photo: © 2015 YMCA Camp Huckins

Sometime between kindergarten and moving into my first apartment, I lost the puckish love of dirt. Reviving our camp’s nature program and dining services helped me rediscover my inner Pig Pen. more »



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Why do parents and kids really choose one camp over another? Is it because one has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, or a Go-Kart track? Maybe. Is it because Johnny’s friends are going there too, or because Johnny’s mom heard from all of her friends. more »

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We camp people are a strange lot. We involve ourselves in discussions using terms such as blob, blobbing, blobber, blobbee, and then expect people to take us seriously. more »

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Boating has been an essential and much-loved part of summer camp for decades, and continues to be a popular offering at traditional and specialty camps. more »



Photos: Camp Birchmont

It's another spectacular New Hampshire afternoon at Camp Birchmont as I sit alongside Lake Wentworth, enjoying a moment of quiet. more »

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The 14th annual National Drowning Prevention Alliance Educational Conference in Phoenix/Mesa March 29 - April 1, 2016 is a unique opportunity for organizations and individuals interested in drowning prevention to come together. more »

In one of the most ambitious Restoration for Recreation initiatives in its history, Tread Lightly! has awarded funding for 25 stewardship projects throughout the country. more »

Here’s a common question from camp owners and directors: “How much text should I put on my camp website? I’ve heard that too much isn’t good because people don’t read it all, or it can turn people off. more »

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Photo: © 2015 YMCA Camp Belknap

“Underwater Basket Weaving” is routinely maligned as the ultimate gut course. Yes, rattan vine reeds need to be soaked in water before they are flexible enough to weave without breaking. But that’s not the point. more »



Photos: Sara Acharya / Kingswood Camp

For camps that offer multiple enrollment options, a solid understanding of camper tenure lengths is an essential tool when speaking with parents. more »

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Photos: Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center

Decades before environmental education became “vogue,” the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center (DPNC) in Mystic, Conn., was bringing people of all ages into the wild. more »

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