“Speak”-ing From Experience

The legacy system (analog) wasn’t effective anymore. We wanted better control with zones, as well as indoor speakers in each cabin and meeting spaces for scheduled announcements, but the speakers were mounted on tall poles with poor sound quality. more »

Facilities + Grounds

Secrets of the YBees

With yellow hats bent against the glare, we examined the work of another four-day weekend of the fanatical camp volunteers known as YBees. For 28 years, we have shown up at our beloved Camp Wakonda to celebrate Labor Day by laboring. more »

Facilities + Grounds

Lifeguard Training: 101

By reviewing and evaluating the plan for addressing these issues, you will be on your way to employing lifeguards who not only understand their responsibilities but are competent and confident enough to perform them! more »


Double-Duty While Dining

There is something about a shared community experience of breaking bread with a group of people that builds a distinct type of unity. As a result, meal times can be a great opportunity to continue all the fun that summer camp has to offer. more »

Food Service


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