Tread Lightly! Announces 25 Partner-Funded Stewardship Projects Across Nation

In one of the most ambitious Restoration for Recreation initiatives in its history, Tread Lightly! has awarded funding for 25 stewardship projects throughout the country. more »

Justify Choosing Your Camp

Here’s a common question from camp owners and directors: “How much text should I put on my camp website? I’ve heard that too much isn’t good because people don’t read it all, or it can turn people off. more »

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Photos: Sara Acharya / Kingswood Camp

Timing Is Everything

For camps that offer multiple enrollment options, a solid understanding of camper tenure lengths is an essential tool when speaking with parents. more »

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Photo: © 2015 YMCA Camp Belknap

Woven Programs

“Underwater Basket Weaving” is routinely maligned as the ultimate gut course. Yes, rattan vine reeds need to be soaked in water before they are flexible enough to weave without breaking. But that’s not the point. more »

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Create An Emergency Response Team

Winter break means Mission Trips for many youth serving organizations throughout the country. Unfortunately, lack of planning results in poor responses from many youth leaders both on the prevention side, as well as the crisis response. more »

Send Your Child To Summer Camp

Sleep under the stars. Catch a fish. Learn how to play guitar. Paddle a canoe. Go waterskiing. Play ball. Make friends. Build a fire. Climb a mountain. Roast a marshmallow. These are just some of the things a child can do at a residential camp. more »


Photos: Camp Blue Spruce

Children With Food Allergies

Camps around the country are facing a new challenge with the rise of food allergies among children. Overall, 15-million people in the United States are living with food allergies. more »

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Photo Illustration: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / HaywireMedia

Scrutinizing Website Hosts

It’s common knowledge that a website needs a hosting service, which allows a site to be “up” and available to visitors on the Internet. more »

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Help Murray End The Money Box Blues

A FUNNY thing happened while preparing to set up for the 2015 Camp Business Fall Festival. Like all show vendors, you’re in a hurry to set up your booth. It was my first time to set up in the Shisler Center so I had to ask where the men’s room was. more »

Child Protection Seminar in Texas

Sign up before Oct. 10 for early-bird registration more »



Want To Win A Pressure Washer?

The #GrimeToShine photo contest asks participants to share their Grime to Shine makeover for a chance to win a new pressure washer with POWERflow+ Technology™ as well as a $1,000 Lowe’s gift card. more »

Go Ape Challenges Nation to Live Life Adventurously in Support of Big Brothers Big Sisters

Go Ape, a zip line and treetop adventure course company, is challenging people to do something adventurous this fall for its National Live Life Adventurously Day on September 27, 2015. more »

CampHacker Unveils Wall Calendar

CampHacker is looking to unveil its new proeduct--the Wall Calendar more »


Photo: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / racorn

I Brushed My Teeth

People lie. It’s in our nature. We tell children never to lie, but of course they do. more »



Photo: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / HaywireMedia

CMS Lockdown

For those who don’t know, a CMS is a Content Management System. In plain language, it’s a type of software on which a website can be built that allows almost anybody, without any programming skills, to quickly and easily edit and update it. more »

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