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Not A Math Person

“I’m not a math person,” however, is a patent falsehood. We are all math people, as it turns out. more »

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Healthy For Life

In looking at the general population, one may presume that one-third of campers and their parents visiting a camp will be overweight. Summer camps then have a real opportunity to set a good example. more »

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Digital Marketing

Do you ever wonder whether a website is effective at communicating the value of your camp? The answers can be found. more »

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Freshen Up A “Meet The Director” Page

In years of interviewing campers’ parents, I’ve learned that it is very important to have a “Meet Our Director” page on a website. more »

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Double-Duty While Dining

There is something about a shared community experience of breaking bread with a group of people that builds a distinct type of unity. As a result, meal times can be a great opportunity to continue all the fun that summer camp has to offer. more »

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One For The Road

In addition to teaching, I also learn a lot myself during my travels to different camps and summer schools just by listening. more »


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Remaining Relevant

The young people have hundreds if not thousands of Facebook and Twitter “friends,” but often few real connections. more »

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Spend Wisely

We know it’s a financial commitment to make the leap to a camp-management software solution. With several providers on the market, how do you know which one is most practical for your camp? more »

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A Camper With Diabetes…

In 1964, five central-Ohio physicians collaborated in educating the community due to the increasing number of diabetic patients in their care. The doctors created the Central Ohio Diabetes Association, a nonprofit agency that continues to offer educa more »

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The Quest to Provide “Healthy” Food

In the summer of 2013, staff members of Kanakuk Kamps in Branson, Mo., were confronted with a challenge—the frequency of requests for food that was gluten-free was leading to chaos in the dining hall. A menu traditionally skewed toward calories, carb more »

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Everyone loves being on the water! Make sure all of your staff are trained in aquatic safety.

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Camp Aquatic Safety

Whether the camp has a pool or a lake, most staff members will say the water is a favorite place for campers. After campers have been running around in the sun most of the day, the local watering hole is a great place to cool off. It’s also one of t more »


Take time for proper planning before implementing a new waterfront activity.

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Wading Through Possibilities

Your supervisor has just asked you to implement a new activity for the camp’s aquatic program. Excitement starts to build as you have been looking forward to this project for a long time. Will you bring in new sailboats? Maybe start a whitewater ka more »


One way to grow a camp aquatics staff is to implement a training course for older campers.

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Just Add Water

Any camp director can hire staff members and then provide lifeguard-, boating-, and swim-instruction certification prior to the start of the summer season. However, there are certain drawbacks to staffing a waterfront with newly certified staff membe more »


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Highs And Lows

If you were to visit Camp Ho Mita Koda in Newbury, Ohio, during staff training, you would probably observe a fairly typical camp: plenty of procedures, protocols, and program training. Hearing leaders talking about highs and lows, you might think th more »

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Social-Media Best Practices for Camps

© Can Stock Photo Inc. / merznataliaHow many times have you gone to a favorite search engine looking for a product or organization only to find a website that looks as if it was built in 1982? Curren more »

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